Why Are Vitamins Important for Children?

With the growth of the vitamin industry in the market, many parents are still feeling unsure of whether their child needs supplements or not. As a retail pharmacy in Hoboken, New Jersey, we must inform you about the importance of vitamins to your child’s growth and development.

As children grow, they need to get enough vitamins and minerals their body requires. They can get an adequate amount of nutrients from a balanced diet. However, they may need some supplements to ensure their overall health. The amount of vitamin and mineral depends on your child’s age.

Here is a list of the essential vitamins that your child must get:

  • Vitamin D and Calcium
    These vitamins are necessary for growth and development by building strong bones for your little ones.
  • Vitamin A
    It is crucial for healthy skin and is beneficial for vision and tissue repair. You can find Vitamin A in dairy products and yellow or orange-colored vegetables.
  • Vitamin C
    Make sure that your child gets enough vitamin C. This vitamin helps the body fight off infection. Apart from vitamin C, vaccination services can also prevent your child from acquiring diseases.
  • Vitamin B
    This vitamin helps the body produce red blood cells and assist in metabolic activities.

Talk with our pharmacist for vitamin supplement recommendations that will improve your child’s health. If you need assistance with your prescriptions or if you are looking for compounding services in New Jersey, do not hesitate to give us a call.