Calcium and Magnesium Citrates

With Calcium from MCHC


Calcium & Magnesium Citrates provides calcium as citrate and as hydroxyapatite, a bioavailable source of calcium derived from whole bone. Calcium & Magnesium Citrates provides a highly beneficial source of dietary calcium together with other nutrients that assist in the maintenance of healthy bone structure and function. Vitamin D3 effectively raises blood levels of Vitamin D, a nutrient that helps support calcium absorption, and reduces the amount of calcium lost from bone resorption. Vitamin K helps activate specific proteins that bind to calcium and help maintain normal, healthy levels of essential trace mineral required for various hormonal processes that impact bone health and further supports the functions of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D. Betaine hydrochloride is added to the formulation for its ability to help contribute to a lower pH environment which is conducive to calcium absorption.