Preventive Measures Against the New Coronavirus

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. And the United States has officially exceeded China’s numbers of total confirmed cases, mostly affecting the east coast. New York and New Jersey have the highest numbers as of April 2, 2020.

In a world threatened by a new virulent outbreak, multiple agencies and private organizations are eyeing on cures and vaccines. While scientists are finding ways to treat COVID-19, the best thing we can do is to avoid exposure to the virus.

Better Life Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy in Hoboken, New Jersey, lists down some preventive measures to keep yourself and your family from contracting the virus.

  • Handwashing
    Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol. Also, avoid touching your face with unwashed hands; the virus can enter your body through your mouth or nose.
  • Social Distancing
    According to the CDC, the virus can transmit from person to person. Hence, keep a distance of at least six (6) feet with others.
  • Immune System
    People with current health conditions are more likely to develop severe complications once contracting virus. Our vaccination services help improve your immune system. Furthermore, remember to eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep.
  • Hygiene
    Observe proper hygiene if you sneeze or cough. Cover your mouth or use the inside of your elbow.
  • Medical Help.
    If you’re sick, stay at home and practice self-quarantine. Call your nearest healthcare provider to get tested immediately. But don’t get outside unless you’re tested free of COVID-19.

In these times of crisis, we need everybody’s cooperation to slow down the spread of the virus. In case you need further health advice, seek help from our professionals. Our pharmacy offers consultation, health education, and compounding services in New Jersey.

For everyone out there, keep safe at all times.