Getting to Know Your Immune System and Its Function

Getting to Know Your Immune System and Its Function

Generally, our immune system is a structure of living organisms being used by the body to protect itself from sickness or diseases. Simply knowing that, however, is not enough. As your reliable retail pharmacy in Hoboken, New Jersey, we want to expound further what is the vital role of this system in our body.

Like a house guard, the immune system is protecting our body from attacks coming from pathogens and other harmful cells. This guard is able to provide a defense mechanism which is able to adapt in a changing environment, which is also known as adaptive immunity or acquired immunity. When a bacteria or virus attacks, our system will respond by building a strong defense. 

When this layer of defense doesn’t function, an infection might breach and thus, a disease might be a possible result. Hence, it’s necessary to make the immune system strong to stand any attacks. The best possible way to do this is to take proper nutrition to avoid immunodeficiency. Basically, fruits and vegetables are known to boost the immune system. Probiotics are also proven to help enhance the capability of the immune response against bad bacteria.

Another way to fight against diseases is to get immunized from a reputable pharmacy providing vaccination services. Be sure to ask your primary physician before going to an immunization process.

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